We Yearn for Rest.

To settle down and forget about the hard things for a little while...

That's Why We're Here.

To inspire you to pause, to take a moment for yourself.

At Home or in Nature.

However you do it, we want you to take care of yourself, to do something you enjoy.

Life is short.

Don't spend it always in a rush. Seize the slow moments, and enjoy a quiet day.

About The Owner

A few years ago, I switched to living more naturally. With that came a desire to slow down, to unplug from the craziness of life. Because things are often nuts out there in the world, and I am myself an introvert. I thrive on a quiet day at home, relaxing, giving myself an opportunity to stop for a moment.
I wanted to give that meaningful time to others. To inspire you to take a minute, or two, three, or even an hour. Just to yourself. 
I hope our products help you to do that. To enjoy the little things there are around you to see and smell. Because life truly is too short, too precious to spend it hurrying about. Let's seize every moment we have, and enjoy those quiet days.
- Kirsten, Owner of Quiet Day Naturals